Listen. Ever since the distance became ‘greater’, things changed. From constantly talking, calling, chatting, walking, playing around with words, laughing, eating out, or “just chilling”. We were basically just lost in our own world cause there’s a lot of things I could mention (and you know that).

I never for once imagined things would turn out the way they did. I mean, our talks are like the same as I would to a WhatsApp contact. We chat like friends, walk so maturely, don’t play around anymore. We laugh only now and then. Basically, there’s no spark. You look at me with eyes like, “You have another girl”, and I with, “another guy’s probably getting some”. And again, there’s a lot I could mention (and you know that).

We broke up, and now have to do things to contain the heartbreak. Yes, I felt the pain too. But honestly, I’m a guy, so don’t expect me to be in my crib, sobbing and crying and listening to RnB. A heartache to me kinda messes me mentally. I think about you, all the time. Yes, ALL THE TIME.

I reminisce on our memories, and feel the pain of losing you. So I go ‘hunting’ again, ASAP! I’m sorry, but we consider love the weakest thing ever after a heartbreak because we can’t picture telling all those things we’ve said and secrets we’ve shared with another girl, or let another girl meet our parents. So, yes, we go hunting ASAP!

You might eventually see pictures of me and another girl, smiling and doing things we used to do, but know this. I wish it were you. Yes, maybe to the girl it’s genuine, but to me it’s not. That’s why I just disappear as if I were never there, so that you don’t hurt yourself by checking out how I am. You won’t like what you see.

I’ll always love you, and no one could replace you. Yes, I said “replace” because I don’t easily give in to anyone. So, you’ll always have a place in my heart. If I ever come back, just don’t let me in because I’m doing things that will hurt you even more and make you regret bringing me back into your life…


Your ex


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