A 12-year-old young man lived in rural areas. He had dreams and was eager to fulfill his dreams. He was doing Grade 6 at Mandileni JSS.

One day he made a decision that acting was the first option. But in Grade 9 he found a girlfriend who was everyone’s girlfriend. Her name was Tania, a Sotho girl. They were in love, flowing over the moon. Everybody was jealous of them although that jealousy strengthened their love. During preparations for ANA exams something bad happened.

Tania dumped this guy for vicious reasons. He tried to get her back but it was too late. Tania was in love with an old man. They made promises to marry one another though they were pipe-dreaming. Since young guy was dumped, watching his ex-girlfriend moving on with an old man brought confusion, stress and depression.

He failed preparation exams. He had forgotten his dreams but he made it to the final exams. In Grade 12 Tania got infected by HIV and was visited by death in the following month. They were no longer dating but young man were heart broken. He failed his final exams in Grade 12. He started seeing the gap between him and his dreams; a gap created by Tania.

He regretted ever loving a no-future girl and never accepting being dumped. As a farm boy he saw the gap between him and his dreams but it was too late. His dreams became wishes controlled by ocean waters over the air.
His name was Bandile.