Death you are really dark, wicked and I get infuriated every time your name pops up. You are in collaboration with cold hearted inconsiderate murderers. You took away my aunt who never got to see my achievements. The poet, John Donne is right when he says: “do not be proud”.

Death, do not be proud because you are nothing but a pawn in that ludicrous game of yours. I know you are just doing your job but I cannot consider you as my ally. You have divided my family. I am depressed and nobody can remove the dagger you have put in my heart.

A woman is brain dead meaning she is legally dead. I do not know why sometimes they even call you “legal dead”. You are not legal, who could allow you? You take our loved ones without permission because you know better that no one would let you. You are a coward that attacks when it’s least expected.

You take advantage of old aging people that you know they to have chronical diseases such as hepatitis, osteoporosis, and diabetes. You care about nobody, not even your partners in crime, you come after them. Those guys who killed the Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa, I know you are coming for them too. You kill, and you get killed. This is just karma.

You would had not have occurred if there was no calibre loaded with bullets to gun him down. You took a young man’s life, Dumi Masilela, known as Sfiso Ngema from Rhythm City, with the help of merciless hijackers. I am so angry and I am just wondering why they didn’t just take what they wanted from him and not his life? The young man played a humble and shy character. I am sure in real life he was a good person.

I do not know how vampires who live for centuries to centuries cope to see their loved ones die before their eyes. I can not bare the pain of losing loved ones. Death, you have no nepotism; you are a taker from famous celebs, pastors, murderers , politicians to kids. Drug overdose that took hip hop artists Asap Yam and Prodigy from Mob Deep.

Where is the king of pop, Michael Jackson?, Whitney Houston?, The Purple Rain hit maker Prince? and Amy Whiney house now? You took all of them. They are six feet under because of you.

A car crash helped you to take Lisa ‘Left eye’ Lope away . She was going to elevate hip hop. She was talented, but you did not care. Nobody can be Left Eye. TLC is not the same without her. There is an empty void that T-boz and Chillie or anybody can never fill.

Death, you are a corrupted kleptomaniac. I am sure if you were a human you would havehad been in a shady business transaction with The Guptas.

Not so longer ago, in 2016, you took Joseph Mascolo who played the villain character of Stefano Dimera on Days of our of lives. You took away the Princess of RnB, Aliyah Houghton. That plane crash helped you. You have taken many people, from the famous to the ordinary.

I know you are coming for me. I may be sleeping in a nice comfy bed today. But tomorrow, I will be resting in a coffin. And my home will be a dark grave, with rain pouring on me, and rowdy thunderstorm I’ve always been afraid of. My body will have that death smell. Flesh flies will eat me till there is nothing. All there will be left are dry remains.

I know I will die and so will all of us.

Jesus died, but he rose from the death. He defeated you, Grim Reaper. You do not scare me anymore, more since my soul does not die, there is an afterlife. Flesh does die, and we sob because it is who we are. All those who have had passed away, I am sure that they are above watching over us.

It’s going to be alright . Cry out loud if it comes to that point. Do not keep it sealed within you. Talk to with somebody. It took me a long time to get over the hurt of losing my loved one. I will die on my own. I did not cry and I knew I was a ticking time bomb. Well, a pen helped me. I got to unburden myself as tears rolled downing from my cheek to the paper.

May those who lost their lives may rest in peace. We love them , we miss them and they will not be forgotten.


Tell us what you think: Have you been affected by death? How did you cope with it?