I smell death, I can hear the movement of death. I can see the devil wearing white gloves like Jackson. The knife I’m slicing the vegetables with is pointing directly at me. I can see the blood dripping from the tip of the knife. The vision I have of me holding my insides out.

The smell of blood tells me death is upon me. It tells me death is around the corner. The devil is whispering in my ears, calling my name to go back home. My home is hell, where I belong. The pain I caused my family makes me the little devil that I am. The sound of their screams echoes in my ears like the incident happened yesterday.

Oh I miss my family. Their traces of blood have now turned into something like a stone. Their bodies are still hanging in the same room they died in. The incident of that day plays in my mind like a movie in a cinema.

I killed them. They were too innocent to live. I was protecting them from being corrupted by the devil like me. I was saving their souls. Now it’s time for me to pay for all my sins. It’s time for me to go back home to the man who corrupted me, the devil.

I’m happy that I saved my family from this world’s trauma and corruption. Death is waiting for me, I see death upon me.


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