Every day of my life I watched your friends walk down the street then imagined you alongside them, I have watched them grow from boys to men then imagined you. I remember how your voice sounded before you decided to leave me, you left without saying goodbye, you left in such a hurry, you left without seeing your sister making it big in life, I had so much planned for us. I have always wished that someday you would enter our front door then scream my name while I’m sleeping during the day after a long day at school.

I have always wished you could force me to talk to one of your girls once more, I know it annoyed me but that’s just what I want now. I’ve seen them once or twice down the street, it hurts me to see how they’ve grown, how they suddenly mean a lot to me. I’m grateful for the first and last 16 years of your life I spent with you on earth, you were more of my twin brother than little brother, the one-year gap in between never bothered us or it bothered you at some point then you decided to leave me all alone.

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