Every midweek morning, I wake up, take a bath, eat my breakfast, and say goodbyes to my family. My friend and I would meet at the corner crèche, hug and smile for each other. Sometimes we would go to school together, gossip, play, and laugh. This was our everyday life, and habit.

She was more than just a friend. I had met all the different friends but with her, I knew I had reached the comma. I had told myself that I would forever walk the journey of life with her, and that my success was hers too.

She was a friend that anyone could wish for but I picked and chose her first. And indeed, she became the friend I always wished to have. Since true friends were scarce during those days, I decided to tie the knot tightly.

It ended in tears and in pain. I woke up and did my morning routines. I went to our meet-up point, but she wasn’t there. I thought she was still coming. I waited but I then realised that it was already late.

I thought she was not going to school. I became angry at her or not telling me so. I went to school alone and got bored the whole day.

After school at 14:30, I decided to go to her place to shout at her. Before entering the gate, there were cars all over her yard. I did not care, I just wanted to confront her!

Her father sat outside then I asked him, “Where is Thandeka?”

“She went to buy something in the tuckshop,” he replied. I then said I would wait for her.

“No don’t wait for her,” he said in a low voice, “She won’t come back. It would be better if you go home,” he continued.

“No! I want to see her before I go home,” I said.

“If you really want to see her, you can get inside the house,” he was so down and looked so worried.

I entered the house. There were lot of adults in the house wearing black clothes. Thandeka’s aunt was sitting on a matress and there were two pictures near her. It was Thandeka’s picture and her mother’s pictures. Hands became numb, tears were rolling in my face as I sat down in the corner of the door.

I wasn’t sure what was happening but judging by the atmosphere, I concluded that someone had died. Everyone was silent, I was the only one crying. I was not able to hold back my tears so I cried till I got tired.

I went outside and saw her little sister sitting on a rock. I went to her, and asked what was happening. She took a deep breath before starting to talk.

“This is all my father’s fault. He and our mom were fighting during the night then my mom mistakenly fell on top of a mirror, which killed her. Thandeka was woken up by the noise of my father when he was screaming ‘wake up! Please wake up am sorry,’” she said and continued, “then she said she was going to the shop to buy pads. I was stuck and frustrated since I heard everything from my parents’ room. I didn’t care if my sister was going to the shop during the night because my mind was not there.

“And what happened after that?” I asked, getting closer to her.

“She went to the shop, and her aim was to sit there the whole day. But she saw cars passing by and decided to jump into the traffic. That’s where my sister’s life ended,” her voice was now cracking. I suddenly saw tears flowing down her cheeks. I joined her. I had just lost a friend that cared, loved and supported me. I had lost a soul that I wished to grow and succeed with. She had dreams that I knew she would achieve.

Friends like her are few. Ever since I lost her, days are no longer the same. Every time when I have to go to school, my mind still tells me to hurry up because she is waiting for me in the corner crèche. Whenever I see the corner creche, I see a picture of her smiling as always.


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