What if you could write a letter to time, love and death?

What would you say? Well, this what I would had said.

Dear Time

You are such a brute and a darling, sometimes. If you were a human being, we would have described you as a love-to-hate character.

There was a time in my life where I really wanted to thank you for giving me long duration to realise my mistakes as I mended them and appreciate special people in my life – such as telling them how much I love them.

You lead those who move you fast, six feet under.

We weep and moan for them knowing that fast life kills. You know how our minds operate. You know us mankind we have our weakness that brings our downfall. You know pretty well we will do unpleasant and thrilling things that we will be remorseful about. We wish we could go back in time but we will never get to undo those things or turn back the clock.

We are given limited time to live. Or sometimes no time to live at all, such as infants who die after birth. That is so unfair. We’re given limited time to grow grey hair or sometimes die young, a time to love and die.

We are at your mercy and you are acting almightily. I’ve been asking myself questions that will turn me into a maniac that deserves to be in a straight jacket at the asylum. I ask myself how do I make you stop. I wish I had knowledge of how to stop you when you said it was time for my aunt to die. You and your companion “death” decided her fate that her time is up.

You could have extended her time since she was a good person. I guess that does not apply to you. I would have done something if I had miracles. Unlike Jesus, I am no saviour. I cannot walk on water. I will eventually drown and die.

Time you are measured not by the clock but by moments.


Dear Death

I think I despise you the most. You are no ally of mine but an eternity foe.

You are a sadist who rejoices on our sufferings. You are tormenting us. My aunt made pink promise to be there for me forever despite her situation of being a mortal woman.

You took her away from me you a cold-hearted murderer.

You made a mockery of her vows. You made her seem like an unreliable and a person who makes empty promises. She was not ready to die and nobody will ever be ready for you. You are ill-natured. you do not seek permission because nobody likes you and nobody will freely allow you. I will never forgive you for lives you had ravaged and taken.

What you did to me is unforgivable. I am bleeding a slow death at least she is resting and her ravishing soul is at peace.

Newsflash you petrify me no more. I used to talk ludicrous things. Stuff such as if you ever came for me I would run far away from where you cannot catch me or climb the tree higher. I know that is so pathetic of me to say and I had given you a reason to have something to laugh about. I am watching you take my loved one and it is an excruciating pain.

Jesus Christ was able to defeat you and you also a laughingstock.


Dear Love

Agony is not good for my heart. If I allow you to reside my heart I overdose. You like a drug and I turn into an addict each time I let you in.

I reap and sow pain due to loving so much.

That why I’m scared of you. You had taught me a life lesson that you fade. You were said to be forever it all lies and exaggeration.

I tried to fight you sometimes and I come out of a war as a sore loser with a bruised ego.

I guess it true when they say a heart wants what it wants.

I know well we are not good for each other but wherever I go still he holds that place in my heart.

His name was written all over my heart.

What I’m asking from you is let me love him enough to let him go.

In short (1 or two sentences) what would you say if you had to write a similar letter to time, love and death?