You are abusive, but everyone has normalised it. No don’t get me wrong. I’m not out to attack our parents, but the truth has to be told. I apologise if am stepping on anyone’s toes.

The statistics of suicides are rife amongst teenagers. If there were a Grammy award then the black community would win by default. Black teens are killing themselves and I’m sorry, but most of the blame goes to you, the black parents. Oh black community I have lost count of the number of RIPs I have said. It’s leaves me thinking that I may be next. If it happens, then I’d like to at least leave you with a message.

Dear black parents, this one is for you:

Many have normalised your abusive behaviour, but here I am saying I have been silent for too long. It’s time to be the voice of those who are afraid to raise their voices.

I wish I had killed you while I had the chance. The children you gave birth to is set out to be oppressed. Here is the issue my dear parents. You never admit when you’re wrong. No black parent is ever wrong, they know best. How hilarious. These are the same people that want us to admit guilt, but fail to do so themselves. They call us the worst generation, but it is them we see on TV shows like Khumbula’ekhaya and Utatakho each week. What a sad continent Africa is.

Honesty is key they say. Today I rise and say I am done keeping quiet. If we can’t be loved and protected by our parents, then who do we turn to? Black parents genuinely don’t give a flying fish about our emotions. They would say ‘we also passed that stage’. Well allow me to please update you all. In all honesty you can’t compare the teenagers of 1970’s with the teenagers of the 21st century. Oh how black parents tone down the damage they cause to their children.

They do not realise they are raising broken children who become broken adults. How do you expect us to rise and chase our dreams if I cannot have a simple conversation with my folks. I said I will be the voice of the voiceless. I will stand for black excellence.

The Bible says raise the child in the way they should go so that they do not depart from it. In truth am not someone who reads the Bible a lot, but our Christian mothers tend to preach although they don’t necessarily follow.

Parents should sit down with their children, even to simply talk about life. You will be surprised at what we go through and how we still manage to smile. The world we live in nowadays is not good to anyone. My dear black parents, stop buying material things because that’s not where happiness lies. Spend time with your sons and daughters, show them you love them and that they were never a mistake.

Why should one live like an orphan when both their parents are still alive? An orphan is better because he or she knows that their parents are no more. But what about you, the parents who still breathes, but is dead to their children. I will be the voice today. If you hate me then so be it. The truth has to be said.

Don’t you ask your children why they’d run away from home instead of talk to you? Black parents stop oppressing your own blood. Here is the truth my dear parents, I write this because I respect and love you, but you call us a lost generation.

In all my teenage years I discovered that these are the most vital years in one’s life. It is in these crucial years that we need to be told that we are good enough and are capable of conquering whatever comes our way. Instead we are criticised and crucified for God knows what. We did not ask to be born in this changing world, in this world full of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

During our teen years, we want to explore our sexuality and our social life. But what do black parents do, the ones whose opinions matters the most in our lives, they tell you that you will never amount to anything. When that sinks in, we then walk with lumps in our throats snapping at everyone we come across because that frustration goes deep and you don’t know what to do.

Depression hits and they say we’re acting white because that’s a white man’s disease, a black person can never be depressed. I apologise if I seem disrespectful, but black parents you are killing the black community with your ways. You are raising a sad generation with the mentality that you have. This generation is the worst generation.

I’m sorry if I hurt anyone kodwa iqiniso liyababa njalo alisoze libengeyinye into lizohlezi liyi qiniso. (The truth hurts, but truth will always be the truth). Black parents listen to your children because their silence speaks louder than words. My tears have fallen onto the ground of my home, Africa. I beg the mother land to please enter the hearts of our black parents and soften them for they are made of stone.

Dear black parents. Your own African child is crying out to you. Please hear her request.

The African child
Sharon Ncube


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