I can’t hear. Sometimes you talk with your fingers, showing me what I’m supposed to do, where I’m supposed to go and how I should get what I’m looking for. But in reality, my eyes are blind. It’s probably stubbornness, ignorance, pride or just knowing the truth already.

I’m an ear, joint together with the other parts of my face. On my face there are my eyes, which see; my mouth, which eats and talks. But with my ears I can listen, get wisdom. I can listen also for knowledge if I lack it, then I can be aware of a lot of things that I don’t know. But once my ear is deaf, I’m going to get lost, I’ll miss out on hearing the truth and getting wiser.

I’ll crash, get misled or pulled around. I’ll never find knowledge and I’ll never make it in life. By the time I wake up it will be too late and there will be nothing I can do to change things.

I’ll train myself and seek advice or wise words from adults. And if my ears turn deaf, then it will be my own fault and there will be nobody to help me because it will be too late.

As a teenager I went through tough situations. I allowed you to put blame on it and call it a “stage”. Maybe it was, but I remember it being on me. It’s important to seek the truth and go through life strong, knowing the right path in order to have a good life. And to live well as well. I guess I got misled by the wrong people I went with. The blessing is that I lost them, I found out I’m different.

I’m in charge of my life and am proud that when I lost them I realised that I can have power over my life. It is important to have eyes and ears.

You have all the power in you. So turn away from the deaf ear and open it because it can open your brain and you can go far in life. Sure you’ll need your mouth, but once your brain is open you’ll insist on using it less.

I wish you nothing but the best for it’s a long journey and you’ll need to get all the power you need to change your deaf ear.


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