Night overwhelms my world with dead silence, introspection gives my soul a deep self-reflection sentence. Regret tells me that I have a lot of wrongs to right, lonely songs remind me of the one I lost in my blind infidelity. Night hours silently snail past as I fuss about days gone and the secrets my dawn holds.

Will she find forgiveness and have me once more taste her sweet loveliness? Questions of doubt keep me wide awake in the hour of sleep, every sheep I count holds your betrayed reflection. Will this icy tension between us melt? I know not the answer, only tomorrow knows. Sorry describes my every breath, without you there’s only evil on earth.

These words I only speak in the dead of night, when light comes they will surely shy away, setting me on a very depressing slippery slope with regret. The pain I caused you visits me every night, your tears fuel my worries that if given a second chance I will have you see your days of sorrow again. In the dead of night, I think of thee, then I see glee escape you.

My unfaithful sword cut you down leaving your loving soul with a permanent bleeding frown. Your sobbing creeps up my window and plays a grey melancholy tune to my ear. In the dead of night I drop a bitter tear for my dear.


Tell us: Has there ever been a time where you regretted letting go of someone?