“My son is earning over R30 000,” boastfully mentioned Eve as she sat with two of her friends. Amongst them was Brigit. Though Brigit knew her son wasn’t studying or working, she had no shame. Being poor, Brigit couldn’t send her son to a university, so instead trusted God to open a way for him.

“Well Brigit, is Darien still aspiring to be an author?” asked Eve, who seemed to harbour a grudge towards Brigit, in a belittling manner.

“He tries his best to write, however, he needs a laptop then he’ll be able to write his first manuscript,” replied Brigit in her humble nature.

“Smell the coffee Bri, this is the 21st Century and no-one reads books. And how does your son expect to make a living from something that won’t sell?” demanded Eve. She knew that Brigit’s nature would always submit to avoiding an argument and so would win by default.

“Why are you so infatuated with her son?” interrupted Jessica who always paid attention to Eve and Brigit’s relations. Having grown up as close friends throughout their life, they had promised to never depart from each other. However, as Eve became richer, her true nature of being judgemental and conceited began to show. Jessica lived a comfortable life and she in turn remained neutral in nature. With Brigit unfortunately being poor, she became the most modest and humble of the three.

“I’m just trying to look out for a friend, Jess,” replied Eve, who tried in vain to display a concerning and caring demeanour.

“That’s what you always say Eve, did you ever try offering help or paying for Darien to go study? Nonetheless, Brigit, we warned you on dating someone as useless as Norman, now you fail to provide for Darien with a chance to study. These pointless conversations are gradually tearing us apart,” said Jessica, acting as the mediator between the senseless tension of Eve and Brigit. They finished the rest of their evening in good spirits and reminiscence of the past.


“Mum… Dammit, how many times must I tell you I want that new car!” demanded Jake to his mother Eve who now shied away in compliance with her son’s demand.

“Sure, Jake, whatever you want sweetie,” was all Eve could say as she tried always to please his spoilt nature.

Jake had owned over two cars, the latest phones, clothes and anything he so desired. Eve hoped that by buying Jake all these materialistic goods she was expressing her love for him. Instead Jake became rude, arrogant, disrespectful, insensitive, a party goer and was constantly causing mayhem and havoc for his mother. He was out of control with no discipline and character in life.


“Darien, I’m home,” said Brigit as she made her way to his room. Thousands of books and thousand more papers were arranged in a disorderly fashion. Darien had been sitting by his study desk writing one of his many books.

“Hi mum,” he replied as he now gave her a draft of a short-story he had written.

“It’s titled The Fisherman – I wrote this draft in 30 minutes so forgive me if it’s not up to quality,” said Darien as he looked at his mother reading his story with a smile on her face.

“I finished cleaning, mopped the floor and washed the dishes as you ordered,” said Darien while he took out a paper with short-story drafts on it.

“I love it but why do most of your stories incorporate death and suicides?”

“I want to stir the emotions of people – you know, sort of create thoughts in the minds of people I guess.”

“Oh, well tell me more of the other stuff you’re writing?” asked Brigit, hoping that her son wasn’t unconsciously writing what he wished for or intended should happen.

“This one is titled The Year is 2022 – just a dystopian story of people addicted to their cellphones. The next is called Aryan Love I think it’s an original idea in that a German guy falls in love with a Jewish girl after World War II. Then there’s Detective Newton and The Mysteries of Whiskey Ville which I intend to make into a series. Both are detective books. I must say, mum, it sure is tough writing about crime. Lastly we have my favourite ones titled The Waters of Heaven, Heart of Ice, 2O Decades Restart, and Edo in War.”

Jubilantly said Darian whose mum always made time and listened to his explanation of the books he was writing.

“Money is tough, son, for you to be spending it at the internet café. Worst of all you publishing your writing on a site that doesn’t pay you anything.”

“I know mum but honestly they provide me a platform for my work to get published and they even give me criticism of my writing. Though they’re harsh at times, I guess it’s for the best. Anyway, every Wednesday they interview one of the many writers. Who knows, maybe one day it would be me?” Said Darien as he tried arranging many more of the drafts he wrote.

Every cent he owned was spent on books and writing material. Shocked was Brigit as she saw numerous drafts of short-stories and novels written by Darien.

“I guess all that you’ll publish to that site?”

“Of course not, mum, all my work that I send to that site is rushed, but these here are my master pieces, novels that I hope will be published soon,” said Darien as he carefully placed his drafts in his study desk.

“Son, today’s Friday. Eve’s son I think’s going to a club, don’t you wish for once to go out?”

“Hell no! I don’t drink, don’t smoke, all my time is dedicated to writing if only I just had a damn laptop!” screamed Darien to himself as he showed his mum a box containing more of his work.

“What!” Brigit said in shock as she couldn’t believe the amount of stories he wrote.

“And you say all of this you intend to publish to that publishing site?”

“That’s correct all 100 and something stories, now all I need is a laptop. I can see that I’m forced to work if I’m ever to get one.”

“Well Darien I’ll leave you to your writing, please though don’t pull all-nighters as you always do.”

“Can’t promise you anything, you know how stubborn I am. Good-night, love you. If the bed bugs bite, bite them back,” said Darien as he commenced with his writing.


“I really can’t believe you, Brigit, don’t you see Darien is throwing his life away. Sitting for hours just writing – he has no friends, doesn’t go out. I can honestly say your son is married to writing,” said Eve once again during their meeting at Jessica’s house for tea.

“Well at least my son doesn’t give me stress, disrespect me or is rude to me!” screamed Brigit out of character. Her patience was wearing thin to the obnoxious behaviour of Eve. Shocked, both Eve and Jessica stared at Brigit leaving Jessica’s house.

“I… I just want a child like Darien,” cried Eve who was forced to swallow her pride and vomit out her envy of Brigit who was fortunate to have a son like Darien. She knew in life it’s true when people say, “There’s something money can’t buy.”


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