People called him John Firecracker. He was a drug addict who usually hustled in trash cans. John Firecracker never expected to find a child in one of his rounds. Holding the infant in his hand, John Firecracker was confused about what to do next. He wore rags, had a dirty appearance and no place to stay, he certainly wasn’t capable of caring for a child. The snow-flaked in layers which both made walking difficult and the temperatures cold.

“What! You gotta be kidding me, you selling me a child?” asked the drug dealer whom they called Gingerback.

“Yeah, come on Gingerback, just one fix!” begged John Firecracker while holding the child up towards Gingerback.

“Can’t this thing keep quiet?” asked Gingerback in his ever impatient tone as he held the child upside down.

“I think the diapers need changing,” suggested John Firecracker while biting his nails.

“Oh, I see. Then let Uncle Gingerback see… Ew! This child took a shi…”

“Don’t use bad language in front of the child,” John Firecracker said, stopping Gingerback from swearing.

“You wanted to smoke drugs in front of it, how can swearing be any worse? Anyway let me see what I could use as a diaper,” said Gingerback, looking around.

“Hey!” screamed John Firecracker after Gingerback took his scarf to use as a diaper which worked perfectly.

“Now he needs food,” said Gingerback.

“Ah, come on Gingerback, I just need one fix!” pleaded John Firecracker throwing snow on his head in frustration.

“Perfect, I got milk and a plastic bag from the store,” said Gingerback while exiting the convenient store.

“Hell no!” cried John Firecracker when Gingerback insisted that he put milk in the plastic bag and place it near his chest to pretend it’s a breast.

“I’ll give you a special fix,” tempted Gingerback.

“Boogie, boogie, boogie,” John Firecarcker was excited and did what Gingerback suggested.

An old couple was walking passed but stopped to see the spectacle of the fiend and dealer perform the most comical and awkward scene.

“He is my son,” John Firecracker gave an awful impersonation of a woman’s voice. The old couple simply walked away in a hurry.

“Good-work mum,” mocked Gingerback.

After feeding Gingerback grabbed the child and began throwing it in the air with the most playful manner. That turned out not to be wise as Gingerback was soaked with the vomit from the child.

“I swear I’m going to kill it,” yelled Gingerback. John Firecracker took the child back. They both saw that the care of a child was too much of a burden for them. The final resolve, both agreed, was taking the child to the police station.

“So can I get my fix now?” asked the restless John Firecracker as they walked to the police station.
“You never gave me any money so how do you expect a fix? But because it’s Christmas I guess even I can be generous,”

“There you go lil man,” Gingerback put the child down near the police station and walked away. However, the child soon began crawling on the road towards his new parents. A truck was coming down the road. Gingerback, without a thought, ran towards the child rescuing him from harm’s way. The crash of the truck brought cops rushing out of the station.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Gingerback,” said Captain Moore while looking over Gingerback. “First, drug dealing and now kidnapping. You’re going to jail for a very long time,” said Captain Moore.

“Oh you have gotta be kidding me,” said Gingerback while reflecting on all the events that transpired throughout the day.

“No, no, no this isn’t a joke, you really are going to jail,” said Captain Moore while ordering Gingerback to be handcuffed and taken into the station. John Firecracker could do nothing but cry his heart out while he looked at the only person who sold drugs whisked away into jail.


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