Life is unpredictable. The moment you realise your potential and value yourself enough, make sure you use every moment to make a mark so that that we will remember you about. Yes, there is no one who will recognise you when are you still having second thoughts, giving up on your dreams and blaming others for your unsuccessful dreams. Nobody will ever support or fund something that you yourself don’t believe in. Reality goes hand in hand with belief. So if you’re not realistic and don’t have belief you will end up wishing you had done this and that.

Capital is the money you use to start a business. So, if I don’t have money or a salary, does that mean I cannot start my own business? If your answer is yes then you still have a lot to learn in life. Ask yourself this, how can I use the money I don’t have to make my dreams a reality? You might think that this is impossible. Do not wait for information because no one will spoon feed you. There are people out there now who are reading this and might be like,
“Hell no! This is impossible” and also there are still people who say this could be achieved if I remove the impossible in my mind. Those people are the ones rich in mind and have the audacity to make things possible.

Wake up, African! Do not wait for someone to give you knowledge. Seek it everywhere; there is nothing hidden to us anymore. If you can make a good friend with several books then you will realise the impossible work for poor minded people. So you can keep on reading my motivation or make use of this information I’m giving you. Keep well and be blessed!


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