I want to open some people’s eyes. We are all Christians but we don’t understand this term. Africans are supposed to call themselves African Christians, not just “Christians”. If you say, you are a Christian, it means you are following the Western religion, that was prepared in Israel.

God made you to be an African for a purpose. So when you don’t worship him in an African way, means that you are questioning God’s purpose.

Let Israelites worship God in their own way and Africans in their own way too !

God comes to you in your nationality, he is not white. Most of us, were brain washed from our churches.

The Bible isn’t the word of God, but you can get the word of God from the bible, because the bible is inaccurate. Whatever good and accurate thing that you can get in the bible is the word of God, because every good thing comes from God!
What are some of your thoughts of religion?