‘What is life?’ is an extremely complex question. Is it limited to just breathing, seeing, touching or just being? What is it that makes life precious to us? We’ve been given a very short amount of time and it takes one surge of passion, and out of nowhere, a new life is brought to this beautiful world.

You’re sort of winging it until your surroundings start to have real impact on you. Up until that period, life is a ball of confusion. Like, it’s a series of events mashed together, stored in a vault and preserved for something greater. Now here is a new confused mind tasked with finding the answer to a question s/he doesn’t even know.

How do we value life? How do we appreciate every breath we take, and be able to express emotion, to make physical contact with the next person… How do we grasp all of that? What are dreams made of? What do we call this chemical reaction that takes place when the soul steps out of the body every night? How do we measure time in that dimension? How do we connect these two worlds because it has been said that they co-exist? Could it be possible that it is the window to the afterlife?

The afterlife. Translation: life 2.0.

What’s a typical day like there, you sort of wake up and get on with it? What does it look like? Is it a golden palace where the men wield golden spears and women are draped in golden cloths with gold jewellery hanging from their hips? What’s the process of entering that kind of realm? Is it a type of reproduction in preparation for the entrance similar to child birth? What is the first step that you take having transcended to a world where one has to experience it himself and cannot pass it down to his offspring?

What is the physical stance that acts as a window to life? What do you call the manifestation? Do you attain a mind-set that exceeds limits deemed impossible in life?
The knowledge you gain, the appreciation for memories, gratitude to have walked, and learned and loved and felt, how is it? How does it feel? Do you become an entity that has no physical form? Are you a shadow of your former self? How do you experience pain? What does fear feel like over there, do you experience any at all? How do you keep track of the loved ones you left behind? Do you feel some type of reversed grief for no longer being able to interact with ones that were once close to you? Can you sense their grief from the other side which in turn causes the reversed grief?
Are you able to interact with others in that realm, and if so, how is everyday life there? Is there any truths to the myth that when you pass with an uneasy soul it roams and can cause havoc to people in life? Is it possible to not achieve eternal peace when you pass? If so, is it possible to attain that peace in the afterlife? Do we have a reason to fear death?

Why are we born in the first place? Is it purely reproduction that sparked a smarter breed of animals or do we look at it right in the face and take it for what it actually is? Does it add something of value for when you pass? Are you able to connect with loved ones who passed earlier when you enter the place? Do our questions finally get answered or are you thrown into a web of greater confusion? Is it really as it seems? Is it a conspiracy, an observation by a force too great for us to comprehend? Are we some sort of experiment on the power of manipulation? Is it all worth it in the end?


Tell us: Do you have a particular thing you would ask the departed?