It’s hitting so hard with the suspicion of what is going to happen next. It feels like a movie and it seems like everyone just lost their lines in their script. It feels like everybody is pretending to be what the script says they should be, but they are not sure if they are ready to be what the script says.

Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and what happened during the day replays in your mind and you start to wonder how the coming day is going to be different. The contradictions are figured out and our hearts are filled with confusion and it makes way for loneliness to enter, which might cause depression.

Some words are heavy to declare and they say the truth shall set you free, but we sometimes hide the truth because we fear the weight it holds and forget the relief it gives. It’s all confusing, but I guess we have to live with the fact that in life we can all get confused. We have to handle the confusion with wisdom and gentleness.

Yes, we’re just trying to make sense out of the situations we’re going through because the reasons why the hardest situation has fallen don’t make sense. Life can really be shaped by what we tell ourselves, we just have to say things that make sense. We have to have hopeful and uplifting reasons as to why we seem to deserve the situations ascended before us.

Make this world feel like a better place to live in and every breath you’re breathing will be worth every second of your life.

Sometimes when it comes to what concerns your future well-being you will have to make compromises and sacrifices. Honestly speaking you have one future. Choose your life partner wisely too.

I guess at the end we will have to conclude that confusion is normal when living in this world, but how a person decides to conquer it matters the most.

Never let confusion drag you down or make you give up. You may feel like you just can’t figure it out yet, but in the end confusion is just the path to something great you are about to hold in your hands.


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