As I live here on earth, I truly agree that every girl is beautiful, either from the village or township or city. Every girl that lives at every corner of this earth is beautiful and that is why boys tends to get into relationships with them. Boys tend to come up with some juicy words to express their feelings towards them and I am one of the guys who have done it before.

Here is my story: at first, it seemed so tough to come up with convincing words to win a girl over. I even googled how to propose to a girl. This is funny when I think about it, but it sometimes works. I even tried watching a few romantic movies so that I could acquire skills for speaking and dating a girl. Even though I tried all these skills to win the girl of my dreams, nothing worked for me. Even though I memorised some of the strong and effective words from the romantic movies, nothing, and I repeat, nothing worked. Instead, she told me that I should give her time to think about my proposal. I gave her time, but I was disappointed that while I was giving her all the time she needed to consider me, she chose someone else above me.

She fell in love with a guy who was from a rich family. He had a car and he swam in a pool of money. He had everything I was working hard to achieve. I was at school attending Likangala Secondary School in form 3 and she was form 2.  My parents once told me that, “Education is a major key to every door in life.”

Since I saw that the girl I had a crush on was already in love with someone else, I didn’t waste my time any further. I didn’t cry over her like so many other guys did. I just continued with what I was already doing, working hard until I completed my education at the secondary school and then pursued my studies in college.

By the time I was in my first semester, I saw the same girl that rejected me when I went to town to buy some of my groceries. At first, I didn’t recognise her as she was coming in front of me, because two years had passed without seeing or meeting her elsewhere.  The good thing is that she remembered my name and she uttered it without grammatical errors. She was like, “Jabulani! Jabulani! Do you still remember me? I am Natasha, the girl whom you proposed to when we were both at secondary school.” At first I wanted to ignore her and act as if I didn’t remember her. Something else just caused me to pay attention to what she was about to say. Natasha then uttered, “I have now thought about it, I have accepted your proposal and you are the type of man that will make me happy for the rest of my life because you are a good man.”

After she told me this, my brain couldn’t comprehend it. After all this time, after all she had done to me, should I take her back? I asked myself. Since we were standing near a restaurant called Mahala, I asked her if she would like an ice cream. I did this so that I could get all my senses together, and think of better words to tell her.

As we were having the ice cream, I looked outside the window of the restaurant, and I saw the guy whom Natasha was dating. I was shocked when I saw the guy walking bare-footed with some dirty clothes as if they came from a goat’s mouth. This made me ask more questions inside my head.

As Natasha was waiting for my approval of the answer that she gave me to the proposal that I made to her two years ago, she started looking into my eyes with her glittering eyes to see what I would say to her. In her mind, she thought that I am going to start calling her sweet words, but to no avail. I just stayed idle like the Statue of Liberty. After some minutes, I finally spoke up and said, “God did not create me to be used by anyone, but to be fruitful to those people who love me for the way I am, and not what I have become.” Natasha was shocked because of such a response because she didn’t expect it from my mouth. Natasha didn’t realise that I knew she was in an affair with another guy when she ignored my proposal.

Natasha dropped her ice cream in a bin and left me as if she was rushing for an interview.