Corruption is a societal hot potato engineered by materialistic people. It deprives the poor of their basic human rights. I must say, that corruption has increased exponentially over the years and it shows no signs of slowing down. This is no joke. It seems to me like everyone out there is too shy to express their views – but I’m not!

Corruption in recent times, has turned into this universal subject that everyone knows about and knows who is responsible, yet it goes unpunished. Broadly speaking, society is composed of the rich and the poor. Now, if both parties are presented with an opportunity, whom do you think stands a chance of success? Anyone right?

What if it was guaranteed that the person who pays the most money or commodity (goods and services) scoops the opportunity? Whom do you think would win in such a case? It is clear that the rich guy will surely win. But brethren, don’t you think such acts are unfair?

If yes, why are you being tight lipped about such matters? People find it hard to find employment or fail to get access to basic needs, but I can guess you know the cause of this in most instances, right?

Through observation, I’ve figured out that selfish motives and putting one’s interests ahead of others in major cases, are the chief contributors of corruption.

To clear the blurred lines, the poor are the ones who suffer the most and that is why there is a need to bring this issue to light. Corruption comes with damaging consequences which can jeopardise someone’s life. Dishonesty, hatred, and greed all contribute in people becoming corrupt individuals. Therefore, different opinions on how we can deal with this issue are needed, especially from the youth – because the impoverished cannot be lifted out of poverty without removing this barrier.

The system of saying that the blame should be placed on the media is unjustified. Some people would suggest that I should take the first step as the trend states, “Show don’t tell.” I’m fully aware of that and I know for a fact that there’s no point in talking about something that won’t change, but what if talking about it, is what really brings the change?
I can’t be alone in this fight, I need you. Every organisation, government or private owned company has to come on board. A combined effort is what will regulate, if not end corruption.


Tell us: How do you think corruption can be tackled?