In life we’ll always know who we love, but we can never have absolute conviction about who loves us most.

That sometimes compels us to become wild lovers, to wish to explore into all the corners of our capabilities, even wild ones. That compels us to believe in liberty and feeling no shame, or even stone cold hearts. And in our trial to become rugged independents, loyalty is lost from us.

In our trial to shy away from being societal wimps and emoticons, even disloyalty becomes less repulsive to us. Then something totally changed in us. We become virtue repressors. We become infidelity frolics. Maybe for the good at face value, but never the best for long time holding onto… because when we cheat, we are not just cheating on our partners, we are cheating our hearts of stability and our minds of decisiveness.

We are cheating ourselves of a belief in a faithful life.


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