November 2011, my father took a pension from work and bought a mini bus for the sake of doing business. Although my mother tried to push things forward in saying he should buy a house instead of a mini bus. In fact, we rent, we do not our own a house.

January 2012, my mother went to the village to attend a wedding ceremony of her sister’s. Behind her back my father bought another mini bus. After she came back she fell into stress because she was worried about the future, she wanted a house for us.

Most of times she always talked about mistakes, saying things like, “I don’t want to see one of you repeating his or her own mistakes, but learn from them.”

In the following seven months things were not bad at all as far as the rents, school fees. In March 2013 things started to fall apart. The business took a knock because of investment and the constant breaking down of the cars (mini bus). Lots of money was being spent, not gained. So my father decided to sell them at a cheaper price. Poverty began befriending the family then my mother started a small business. But still money was not on our side. Because the whole family depended on what she earned, the business crumbled. Then my father indulged himself in debts.

July 2013, I sat for exams and passed with good points. And because of financial problems I ended up not going to college. I began hating my father for this reason. Came June 2014, I found work at a certain pharmaceutical company. Lucky enough I began pushing up my talent in art with the money I earned at work. With the profit I made I provided for the family. Having sleepless nights was the drama. Although things were like that, life for our family was a nightmare.

My father began selling our properties like fridge, TV. He started to regret the mistakes he made previously and started looking for a job. January 2015, he got a job at a certain distribution company. Still the family was in poverty as life was not as it was before taking the pension. Debts started to rise as rent became the major problem. The landlord sent a letter that we should move out.

After three months, my father decided that we should move out to a cheaper house. Being a hater of my father, I figured that I had to be the first person to move out of the house. Feeling ashamed for the mistake that my father had done, I told my mother, brothers and sisters my plans. Then | moved to my aunt’s. I spent a month there while I was in the process of searching for a house to rent. Lucky enough I found the house near by my aunt’s residence.

Finally the family moved to another house and after a few months, my father got help from his sister in the village. Now life is much better there than when we lived in town.