Don’t change who you are because someone doesn’t like you, they stubbornly won’t change their opinions about everything and anyone.

In life, you find the hardest things you go through teach you what’s important, if you don’t know how sour tastes then you won’t know sweetness.

Experience the worst in life, don’t make it optional; it should be a desire. We all want to be strong in the end, so how will we be if we are always pampered or treated like babies?

Growing up, I had to change my mind-set from childish to mature, your actions matter. If you’re childish but say mature things nobody will ever believe you’ve grown mentally, they’ll be like, “She’s just a little kid,” then vice versa.

It’s strange that I feel we should start acting more than saying stuff because in the end, what’s done is done, what’s been said has been forgotten.

Do you know that one moment where you feel like you are right when you’re not? That moment changes people. I speak from experience. You start searching for answers, and hate failing to understand a concept. Because you know that if you’re just going to sit down and mumble about something that is incorrect you might get embarrassed.

I love this life; I love learning. Not in a nerdy way but in my own ‘Nikita way,’ I hope everyone starts being like that.


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