Cell phone, you are defined as a tool that is used for communication but nowadays we have amplified your calibre. We call you ‘smartphone’ because of your beautiful designs and attractions. It seems like today we have forgotten your true purpose and the reason for your inception.

Since we started calling you smartphone we seem to be experiencing your oppression badly. You make us lie, betray, break up and die. But again, you do have something important to give out; partners are married because of you. Some get job vacancies because of you. Some win competitions because of you. But the truth is that we have abandoned the true essence of your presence.

It’s true that your presence makes a huge difference and some believe that without you their lives are meaningless. You helped many to meet up on social media and today they’re married and happy. Some secured a business deal because of you. People can communicate with their business partners across the country via Skype and other communication sites. Today we don’t need to go to town and withdraw money, we use cell phone banking to avoid hijacking. We purchase clothes online; trade is much easier than before.

Since your presence matters to many people, why do they have to misuse you like they do? Some lie to their partners, telling them that they are bathing while they are in town with another girlfriend or boyfriend and the relationship has ended. For some, the word “LOVE” is at the tip of their tongues when they type, but if you look back it’s all a lie.

Some take nude pictures and post them on social media. Some, when they see people fighting or someone being harassed, they would rather take videos or pictures instead of helping. Some post pictures, eating at fancy restaurants but cannot take pictures of a simple meal at their homes and post them on social media. We walk and type at the same time and we are surprised why accident rates are escalating.

If I was told to choose between landlines and smartphones, I would rather choose landlines because I won’t have to lie to my partner. I won’t have to delete messages or conversations. I won’t have to take unnecessary pictures to brag for the needy. I won’t have to send a text, telling my partner that I love her, whereas what I’m typing doesn’t resonate with my heart. I won’t have to keep secrets from you.

The truth is, the problem is not you, the problem is the way people choose to use you. I know you look beautiful, attractive and expensive, but why are people judging those who can’t afford you? Some put themselves under pressure to purchase you. I’m not defying the people who created you. I’m just concerned with the abundance of your true essence.

We choose to be too pedantic about things like low battery, low data but we seem to forget that there are major things to be concerned about. You can’t control yourself so we spend much time controlling you, but we can’t control our own lives.

We know everything about you but we don’t know ourselves. We know the person who owns you, your worth, features and capabilities, but if you ask a person who they truly are, it’s very difficult to get the answer. You ask people to tell you about their culture, religion, principles, potential, purpose, talent, personality traits and they find it very difficult to respond. We lost our morals, values, respect and dignity. I don’t blame you smartphone, it’s not your problem, the problem is the people who possess you.


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