There are many traits that define my character and some people relate to me for a variety of reasons. These include loving children, selflessness, and being a writer. That is why all the members of the community are calling upon me to be a role model. I have walked the long road to fix my nation. I took many steps along the way, but I have no idea whether people have heard about what I am fighting for. I have taken a moment to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the steep route i had walked. But I can only rest for a moment, as with progress comes responsibility, and I dare not linger, for my long road has not ended. Many are supportive, but behind closed doors they want me to fail. Many have given me power of success in fighting for shortcut words but then hope I fail to stop them. Many have came to check on my progress and congratulate me for the inroads I have made.

What I have noticed is that we have mostly reduced the spirit of love by using undone words such as ‘2k 2me’ instead of writing ‘Talk to me’ when we make conversation. Every day, more and more people are using this kind of language, rather than writing full words. The phone application “Grammar guru” helps SMS generation to talk correctly. That is my concern; that young people are ignorant when it comes to the correct use of grammar. Shortening words through platforms such as SMS has taught young people to use the same language when they writing formal letters. Young people are beginning to think that it is okay to apply the same style of writing they use on Social Media in the classroom and at their workplace. They have become addicted to this lazy way of communication, which I believe affects their thinking capacity. This has lead to being unproductive.

#Worldwritefullwordsday, established in 2018 on the 08th of October, is a day where we as a nation stand up and salute people who write in full words when they text. They should have this special day so that they will never think about using abbreviated words again. If we do not Celebrate them as heroes in writing, the nation will fall apart because of those shortcut words as it is happening everywhere, everyday and every minute. We need to fight this by all means necessary, so that we are not compromising the future of the upcoming generation. We need to engage more youth from our community and schools in #Worldwritefullwordsday, as this allows them to openly discuss the issue at hand and the challenges they face in life in a controllable and rational manner.

That day will allow people to change and teach them not to use shortcut words,and also help them become a logical thinker. Our parents should open their eyes, if they have a child, a school, or a class in mind that they think would like to get involved. They have the right to spread a voice with them. Remember, we urge all South African’s to encourage active words because without them, there is no progress. By having a victory for the #Worldwritefullwordsday, let us say we started this day knowing that to write in full words, brings power to everyone.