Once upon a time there was a cat and a mouse, named Cat and Mouse. They both loved each other. Time went on and on and they got married. They went to buy all things that they needed, including food and house needs.

After that day, Cat woke up and went to work. He said to Mouse, “Please don’t forget to leave some food for me.”

Mouse agreed that she would leave food for him. Cat then went to work.

Mouse started doing housework and swept the yard. She was very tired and hungry after doing all the work. She kept asking herself what she would eat. She then remembered that there was food in the fridge. She took all the food in the fridge and ate it.

When Cat came back home he was very hungry and tired. When he arrived, Mouse ran away from Cat and she hid herself.

Cat said, “I know that you are here. If you don’t come out by yourself I’ll hunt you down and when I get you, you will be sorry.” After Cat found Mouse he said, “Why did you eat all the food and not think of me? You even ate my favourites, cheese and milk.”

Mouse ran away from the Cat. That is why even today cats eat mice.

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