In life, when you are showing signs of progress and signs of movement, people will start talking negatively and positively about you. People will then start having opinions about you and your life journey. Because in life, there are cars and there are dogs.

Who are dogs and who are cars in your life?

That you will have to figure out by yourself. All I can tell you is: if a car is not moving, even a dog won’t bark at it. This, I have realised after listening to a song by Mlindo The Vocalist, titled ‘Imoto’. He said in his song, “Dogs don’t bark at the unmoving car, they only bark at the moving one.”

In life, when you are moving to a better place and things, there WILL be people who are possessed by the spirit of dogs. They will shout at you, tell you ugly things, and even show you scary things, only so they could derail you from your plans. Now, will you stop and step out of your ‘ambition car’ only to please a ‘dog’? No, don’t do that.

When they start talking, it means they have been watching you and their talk only mean you are showing progress. It means now you are picking up the speed. One thing I love is that the dog will not dare to step in front of the car; it will not dare try to bite the spinning wheels of the car. Because if it does, it is going to die or seriously hurt itself.

The trick is to just keep moving forward, keep accelerating and keep heading to a highway because there, there are no dogs, only cars. They won’t bark at you but they will move with you. Let no township dog derail you and stop your car from reaching its destination. It will bark but it cannot keep up.


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