Their fear was undeniable the moment they saw the cannibal of Lake Bavaria. Jessica and Teslyn, curious of the rumour, now found themselves staring into its eyes. Standing over 1.8 metres with a muscular built, dirty complexion which marred his face, the Cannibal gazed at them with a human arm in its mouth.

Without a word, the two girls began screaming as they began running in the direction of where they parked their car. The Cannibal began chasing after them, running and making disgruntled noises as it closed ground on them.

“I’m sorry Jessica,” said Teslyn as she tripped Jessica. Immediately the cannibal pounced on her. Jessica tried to escape as she was clawing her way on the ground, taking hand-full of dirt. Her efforts were in vain.

The Cannibal broke her leg as easily as a twig. Pleading to Teslyn for help, she could only see her fade away in the distance. Jessica wreathed in pain and torment as she was now being eaten alive. Her disbelief of what was happening was equal to that of how Teslyn had betrayed her.

She could only scream and cry as the Cannibal now sat on top of her. His weight made mobility impossible as he took her right hand and began eating her fingers. His jaw was powerful, matched with sharp teeth that easily ripped through her fingers. Jessica was bordering shock and unconsciousness, her sole wish was to die. She was ravished, a fate worse than being raped.

The Cannibal caressed her face as he bit off her nose in one clear daft movement. He did the same with her lips and tongue. Evelyn was losing blood and finally it put her out her misery and with both his thumbs, he gouged both her eyes. She died a mutilated and ravished corpse.

Teslyn made it to the car breathless, however, she was brimming a sinister smile. She had always known about the Cannibal’s existence having done the same to five other girls as she did towards Jessica. Teslyn seemed to have had a disturbing fetish of watching the cannibal eating his victim’s as she occasionally got a telescope and from a distance watch the mutilation in a gleeful state.

She searched for next victims as she put a cross near Jessica’s name, picking up her phone she knew exactly who she’d be dialling next.

“Hey Brittney,” said Teslyn.

“Oh hi Tes, what’s up?”

“Oh nothing much Brit. Hey, did you ever about the rumour of the Cannibal from Lake Bavaria?” asked Teslyn.

“No, not really,” replied Brittney to what she considered a bizarre question but one that invoked an inquisitive desire in her mind.

“I’ll pick you up at 5 and tell you all about it.”


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