Can you really date a woman for twenty-one good years?

By that time, I would be gone. Who in his right mind, would date a woman for more than twenty-one years? Seriously?

There are some individuals who are okay with this, while there are some who are strongly against it.

I had a short debate with my friends: Joyce, Brian, Cate and Sean. Their responses to the topic were quite shocking while some were interesting…

I started with Joyce and this was what she said, “Dating a woman for twenty-one years is a win-win situation. According to me, the duration is more than enough to really know and understand a woman well. For example, what she likes, what she eats, what she wears, her favourite colours and so on.”

I chose to keep quiet about it, to cause a stir.

“So, according to you, what is the exact duration for a man to date a woman?” I asked.

“Thirty-five years,” said Joyce.

Thirty-five years? Now that really caused a stir. Brian looked shocked, he decided to chip in.

“I disagree with Joyce here. I think dating a woman for twenty-one years is a factor that is contributed by two things: poverty and wealth. Poverty is a negative factor which goes against the norms about long-term dating. For example, a man living in informal settlements, striving to make ends meet would date a woman for two months. After two years, he already has a family. No sane ghetto man would afford the luxury that comes while dating,” said Brian amid laughter.

That statement was funny but very realistic in nature.

“So, what about wealth, will it contribute positively?” I asked Brian.

“Yes. The well-off individuals wouldn’t mind wasting their money and resources while dating a woman. You’ll find that a rich man will wait for over twenty-five years, just for a girl to accept his proposal. During that time – the twenty-five years – he would probably be taking his girl to fancy restaurants, parties and all,” said Brian.

“So, you are totally against dating a woman for twenty-one years?” I asked.

“Kabisa, a hundred percent,” said Brian.

It was crystal clear that Brian was totally against the motion. I sighed. The topic was beginning to get hotter than an iron box.

“Sean, I can see that you want to say something, ama? Spit it out man, we’re here for you,” I said.

“Well, for me, I’m proposing the motion. This is because, a man would by that time, have mastered what a woman wants. Just like what Joyce said earlier, a man must know the woman he is getting married to like a palm of his hands. Remember that this is the same woman whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with. If the man rushes to marry a woman immediately after dating for, let’s say, four months he might start noticing unusual behaviour from the woman,” said Sean.

I was curious to know what Sean was trying to put across. I asked him “what the ‘unusual’ behaviour from women?”

“You know, in terms of hygiene, you might find out that initially before marriage, she used to brush her teeth, bath before bedtime, leave her sneakers or stilettos on the shoe shelf and not on the floor, and so on. But after marriage, she does the vice versa of what she used to do before getting married,” he said.

You know what, ladies and gentlemen? I think Sean nailed it! I was obliged, faute de mieux, to agree with Sean.

I gave the platform to Cate, she said, “I oppose the motion, because a woman like me for example, would start getting impatient and start to cheat on her boyfriend.”

“So, Cate, would you cheat on your boyfriend?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“Have you ever cheated?” I asked.

“Yes,” answered Cate.

“Did you ever regret cheating?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

Wow! Just wow! The men were uneasy, while Joyce just stared at Cate like she was from Mars. Well, we decided to vote:

“As many are for the opinion say aye?” Two said ‘aye’

“And as many are against the opinion say nay?” Two people said ‘nay’

“The nays have it,” I said.

I ended the debate by opposing the motion… Please don’t ask me why.

What about you, do you propose or oppose that a man can date a woman for 21 years? Think like a man!


Tell us: How long are you willing to date?