There is this lady, she’s a lawyer who meets this other man who’s multi-talented painter, when he scored a job at her office. Sparks flew and off they went on a date. Later she got him into reading business books (by influence) to start up his own business. She loves men that go digging for their goals, work on their craft, who are dedicated and focused. She was really into him. Mind you, he isn’t a dead beat, he just plays it safe too much.

Therefore, with that said I perceived that a woman that adds value to a man’s life, a woman that’s complimentary to him, must already have found her own path, with a set direction and clear vision. Instead of building him, you’re building with him, adding a few tools to his toolbox. Hence the phrase, “Behind every successful man is a good woman.” But y’all misinterpret it anyway and the emphasis is on “Good Woman” people.

In terms of building him: Some men have boneless backs, no leadership skills, no sense of direction nor are they goal driven. They always vent to their women, and so then meet a woman who’d play the man’s role in their relationship. Having to put aside her softness and her femininity.

She’s then deprived of being a woman in the relationship like being emotional, cry on his shoulder for protection and all. She has to make all the decisions now. Get him on the right path, plan for him, show him the vision and connect him with his life actually


Tell us: Can a woman build a man? Why or why not?