People gathered around on what looked like a horror show at Mr Moloi’s house. A man that was feared by many; nobody dared to speak about him. He would kill a person just for staring at him. He was a vicious man. He had no heart inside him. His pit-bull once bit a burglar to death and he felt no remorse whatsoever. He deserved far worse than death, according to him.

The dog was licking human blood like it was dogfood, it was a killer and this was not normal behaviour for a pet. He couldn’t care less about that.

“Next time you better not take what is not yours, Satan!” he said, looking down on the dead thief, dead on his pavement. There was no next time for him though; he was a dead man this time.

“Robert! Call the police and get this rubbish out of my yard,” he said speaking to his caretaker.

The police finally arrived at the scene. Human flesh was all over the pavement. It did not bother them that much. This was a perfect example of what happened when you messed with Mr Moloi.

The police knew this and none of them dared to ask any questions. This was another case of ‘self-defence’ nothing more.

“Everyone give us room, out of the way,” one of the policeman said, going through the crowd to attend the corpse.

“Jesus! What happened here? This is horrible,” the policeman continued.

Mr Moloi stood there, folding his arms, looking like a man who was proud of his brutal actions.

“I think we are done, Mr Moloi sir,” said the policeman. The forensic department wrapped the corpse into a body bag and took it into the van. Yellow tape was framed around the crime scene

“We will send the team of forensics to finalise our investigation at a later stage,” said the policeman.

Mr Moloi felt relieved of the burden of having another person’s corpse in his yard, this was devastating to him.

“Thank you officer,” he said shaking hands with him.

Later in the night, Mr Moloi’s pit bull started barking, making loud noise. It woke him up while he was sleeping. He stood up from his bed and went outside.

“What the hell is wrong with you Spotty?” he said talking to his pit-bull. The dog started coming towards him slowly, looking like it was possessed or something. Spotty was thirsty for more blood and he was next in line for the beast to feast on. ”Spotty ….what is wrong with you, what are you doing?” he asked. The dog remained stubborn and it attacked him. It bit him to death.


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