Once upon a time there was a kingdom far in the north named Greenstone. Greenstone was a wonderful place and a land with people of all walks of life. There were vegetables, rivers trees and animals. In Greenstone there also lived a boy by the name of Buston. Buston was poor but he was hard working, kind-hearted and handsome.

Buston lived with his parents in a little house near the city gates, his father was a fisher man and his mother worked as a maid in the king’s palace. Buston and his father would often go fishing by the river together. He loved the river because there were beautiful trees around it and it was a good place to rest.

One day, Buston’s father fell ill and he couldn’t go fishing because his illness was very serious. Buston’s mom’s salary was not enough to take care of the family. Buston became worried because he noticed his father getting worse and his mom’s salary wasn’t enough to feed all three of them for long. One Tuesday morning, Buston woke up, bathed, did his household chores and then took his father’s fishing net and boat and went fishing. When he arrived at the river, he first went to sit by the spot he and his father used to sit and cried silently.

“God why can’t you bless my family and I with enough money to survive?” he asked as he cried. A while later, he took the boat into the river and threw his father’s net out in the hope of catching enough fish to sell. When he pulled the net out he couldn’t believe what he saw, he had caught a fish made of gold.

He was so frightened that he jumped off the boat and swam to the shore. Halfway to the shore the fish called out to him saying, “Come back! Don’t be afraid. I’m here to make all your wishes come true.” Boston couldn’t believe what he was hearing but he was so desperate that he turned around and swam back to the fish in the boat.

He told himself that he was done fishing for the day and took the fish, stuck it in his shorts’ pocket and walked back home. Finally, his mother came home then he took her by the hand and led her to his father’s bedside. He told his parent about the fish then took it out of his pocked. His mother wished for his father to be cured and healthy, his father suddenly got out of bed all healthy and fine. The wishes then came after each other as they wished for and received a big fancy house with cupboards filled with all different kinds of foods and snacks. All their wishes had come true so, they lived happily ever after.

God still answer prayers and he can use anything and anybody to make your dreams come true.


Tell us what you think: Do you believe that dreams can come true no matter how big or small they are?