Have you ever sat down and wondered how you can build up your life when nothing seems to be working? Have you ever thought of why other people have already given up on their lives and continue living anyhow? Or have you ever thought about why some things in your life are not working as planned?

If yes, here is something that could help you so your life could start working well.

You need to do some self-evaluation. This means knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Your weaknesses are what you are not capable of doing in your life. For instance, if one is not good at drawing, one doesn’t need to force oneself to do it, but rather focus on discovering one’s potential in life.

The strengths include things that you are able to do or can achieve. These things are supported with knowing your skills, talents and knowledge in life. It might be skills that you have acquired in class after spending some years at college or it might be skills that you are born with.

Even if you think that your skills seem to be lacking excitement, they are still worth it, even for the smallest of things. The smallest things in life are the ones that help to build bigger things in life. A baobab tree isn’t naturally so big when first sprouting from the ground, they start off as a young shooting.

So in life, if you know how to write, speak, dance, play football, netball or whatever else you’re good at, then don’t just keep them to yourself – you need to expose them to the world. Every person that is a celebrity in today’s world, whether it be Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Akon, Chinua Achebe, Cristiano Ronaldo or whoever else, they all started by realising their talents and skills. Most of them did not go to class to learn. They just realised their talents and stuck to them.

For one to do self-evaluation; age, social class, gender, sex, cultural background and other differences, do not matter. Everything begins with you. One does not need other people to tell them what they’re capable of doing with life. The biggest mistake or problem that most do when building their own life is they tend to look at what other people are doing and start copying the way they are living.

They forget that that is not their life. They do not realise that they are wasting their precious time, the time they could’ve been using to build the areas of their lives. And often they find it difficult to maintain that type of life.

So self-evaluation is the best teacher in life. When we know who we are and what we are capable of doing in life, it helps us to be who we want to be in life. I am sure that nobody wants to live a miserable life. Everyone dreams in colour and thinks of greatness.


Tell us: How do you think one can build a better life?