I just can’t seem to get something out of my mind. Many know that behind every laugh there’s a joyful string attached, if only it was the same for me.

There she goes again, leaving not only a broken heart, but leaving a broken timeline which can never be replaced or found on any planet known to every scientist. We were like the smoke in the air, our love filled almost every person’s heart. Yes, it was a smoke for the heart. To some it smelt pretty good, but to some not so much. The air quickly came and ‘blew’ us apart. I can’t say it was life, but what I can say is that the reaction that bonded us together amazed Einstein himself.

They say love is for the fortunate, found through the stormy days of life, well they were wrong. I met her on a bright sunny day and we ended on a cold day. Time is one thing I could never take back, but beyond everything, despite everything that happened I just can’t seem to be able to move on. It’s like I was given a gift where I just stand where I am in a faraway void that no one can reach, only those who didn’t only get their heart broken. But to those who were never allowed a chance in what seems to be love.

Love is like a word happening in another world where the only way to get in is to put your heart on the line. To go to a cell in hell and get it back your heart in many pieces.

Funny right? A simple four letter word can put a person in such a state that they sometimes end up in a hospital bed. You can’t change the fact that being in love with that person made you laugh, but also made you crazy to a certain point.

Well pain and love to me are like siblings and the only way to not experience pain is not to love or the only way is to eliminate the other. Although, it is impossible because you can’t kill something you can’t see.

I swear I don’t believe in magic, but it feels like I have been cursed.


Tell us: Have you ever had your heart broken? How did you handle it?