‘Coming out’ isn’t always easy. I wonder who invented this term. You can face discrimination, criticism or risk being disowned. Many take that chance, and succeed, meanwhile others try but don’t always get so lucky. I wish and pray for a better world where it wouldn’t matter if you were queer or gay, where the world could speak the same language of love. The day where there wouldn’t be any “Coming out”, that day the world would become a place that I can be proud to call home.

I wish for a time and a place where gay people can roam the streets freely with no fear of getting spit at, judged, criticised or, God forbid, stoned to death. I pray for equality, and peace. I long for a world where a parent can be proud and scream at the top of their lungs that, “That’s my gay son/daughter”. A world that people can normalize seeing two men getting married, building a home, raising their kids and giving them love. I wish for a better world that has peace and harmony, a world that stands and fights together. If I don’t live to see that day, may my children do.


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