When I met you for the first time I told you that I loved you and it was true. I told you that I will hold onto you no matter how hard it is. There was something inside of me, I don’t know how to explain it but I know it was love. You brought light into my life. I was the happiest woman on earth because of the love you gave me. I never imagined my life without you. We grew up together, we were friends, brother and sister and lovers. You taught me everything
I know about love. And for that I made a promise to you, that I will always love you.

I even prayed to God that he must make you my life partner and my wish was granted. God gave us precious gifts that I adore every day. I made sacrifices for you. I gave up things that I liked; important things. I gave up on life
because of the promises that I made to you. I made you my first priority.

When you took away the love that you gave me that hurt me. When you hurt me physically and emotionally, that broke me. When you made me doubt that love exists, that made me want to take my own life. When you shared the love that you promised to give me to other people and had no respect for me, this made me break the promise that I made to you.

Because of the things you have done to me. I don’t believe in love anymore. I thought you were the one.
Today I am taking control of my life. You will never hurt me, bully me and abuse me again because I am breaking the promise that I made to you. I am proud of myself because I stood up for myself and I managed to say “no”.


Tell us: What circumstances would make you break your promise?