I was born on Christmas Day. All my family was gathered around. They gave me the name Zibuyile which means ‘All things are back’. Sometimes I don’t like my name because some people give it their own meaning; they say it means ‘the monkeys are back’ because I was born with albinism. I tried to change my name when I was in primary school so I gave myself the name ‘Minenhle’ which means a ‘Beautiful day or Great Day;. I was born on Christmas day which is always a beautiful day.
I used to cry while my cousins and other children sang and made fun of my original name. But in the end I accepted my name and that time was good for me because it meant I could finally face those who were speaking bad things about me. I have faced many challenges because of my name and the person that I am. For me my name means everything I need and want in my life will eventually come true. I am Zibuyile Gwayi.