Some people choose to love items perhaps due to the pressure of people around them. While others choose to hang onto something they love with the fear that they will lose it. I was different; naturally in love with books. When I was a boy, people were always astonished at my skills in reading and counting.

Even before being sent to school, I was a child with so much desire to learn and decode whatever writing was in front of my eyes. My mentors and elders, who were so touched by my keen desire towards learning, decided to give me a gift that allowed me to reach my dreams.

A book was the first gift I remember receiving from my dad before ever setting my feet at any school. I quickly realised that this was a way to a fulfilling life. This book was a helping tool that accelerated my pace and rhythm. I could unconventionally learn letters, pronunciation, and letters combinations that form sentences. I learned to read and write, though it was not easy for a child out of school without formal rules to abide by.

I was not a kid who fell in love with a soccer ball or toys first. But I was in a passionate love story with books. That was my first love and my something special above all. Eager to learn, and craving the words on those pages. Books were my constant source of entertainment. I found books to be irreplaceable as I found my treasures in them. I started to receive piles and piles of them each and every week. And I would beg for more in case I was running out of new ones, books were my first love.

In school I was largely ahead of my peers reading level. I was the type of student who could teach my fellow students how to pronounce words and how to write sentences. Holidays, trips, and weekends couldnโ€™t pass me by without spending their entirety with a new book, academic or not. My love for books grew stronger and stronger as I went through primary and high school.

After I matriculated at university, I found myself open to a wider world. I have realised that spending all my time reading wasnโ€™t a mistake but a strong and solid foundation that made me a writer today , with countless manuscripts on my own. I am now considered a professional writer, thanks to my forever something special books.

You can take away everything from me, but at least leave me with a book.