Isn’t it weird how you can fall head over heels with someone, show them love, loyalty and be there for them 27/7 and they’d still not choose you? It hurts doesn’t it? Seeing the person you love most choose someone else over you. You watch them silently wishing that somehow they’d see how much you love them and actually care about you.

Ever heard that a heart has no bones? Well, I feel like mine does, each time I get hurt, I feel like my heart is cracking inside my ribs like glass. I feel like it has bones protecting it from getting hurt which in science are called the ribcage. It’s sad how I always let people pass the ribcage and go straight to my heart and put daggers leaving me damaged from the inside.

Love is a dangerous game and I feel like each time I lose, what does it take for one to be enough? To fucking matter, to not be invisible? I know I always promise myself better but each time I find myself in a dark hole again, hurting and hearing the bones of my heart crack. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever be enough for anyone and when will be the last day I hear bones of my heart crack.

I swear I’m tired. I want this pain to end. I want this to stop. I want to be loved. Is that too much to ask? Is it me who is ugly or the world itself? I’m tired of feeling worthless, lonely and unimportant. I am enough. I am one of kind. I am the girl I think I am. I fucking matter.


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