Growing up was a challenge in my life. I grew up living with my grandmother and her younger daughter, Luffee. I knew that my mother was conjugal, I didn’t know that I had a stepsister and brother.

There was a time when I visited my mother in the June holidays, my relationship with my mother was feeble and I blame no one for that. She was an eventful person working even on holidays, there was barely time for us to bond. My step family did not have time to spend with me, either. I had to make friends with animals, there were plenty of animals at my grandparents’ place, so it was very easy for me to watch over the cattle and goats.

One day my stepfather noticed that I was lonely, he asked me to accompany him to town, well to be honest I was surprised. I felt my heart threatening my chest, I didn’t know how to respond I just looked at him with an amazed face and as for my lips they were glued to my voice on a silent plane,well he didn’t take no for an answer he held my wrist and I followed him to his car.

On the way I was so quiet, only my inner voice was debating with my mind. We entered the store and he bought what he wanted, I didn’t want anything. He bought me a diary, he knew I loved to write, because most of the time I spent my time writing. I was so thankful. That journey to the store really made us good friends, we’d spend days talking about the future. My mother was so worried about us spending time together she’d involve my stepbrother and sister but that didn’t stop him from making my holiday the best.

Schools were about to reopen so I had to return home. It was really heartbreaking, it was like there was a deep thorn in my heart, I couldn’t help my tears from raining down my face, they ran like a race horse. I was not sad because I was leaving my mother behind, I didn’t even care about my mother because she had no time for me, I only cared about my friendship with my stepfather, the look on his face made me broke my mother’s hug and rush to his arms with my wet face, everyone was shocked but I didn’t even care.

I left with my heartache, two days after my arrival home I saw a red SUV car. I thought my eyes were deceiving me. He came with my mother, so I just threw them one look and went to my granny, my granny was smiling I didn’t know what was happening and she didn’t bother to tell me the reason of being visited soon by my mom and her husband. She told me to go to my room I saw my luggage packed, they asked me to put my bags in the car, I rushed with joy on the way I was smiling alone, it was a tremendous experience to feel a father’s love. He was so honest and supporting, he spent half of his time encouraging me, and yes, his children were a little bit jealous of the relationship we had, even my mom sometimes would ask him to share his personal stories with the others.

As time went he encouraged my mother to spend time with me, it was really great he made me bond with my mother like the others, and our relationship grew. We’d spend time together listening to his fairy-tales and I felt really welcomed. My step brother and sister enjoyed my company and we were the biggest happy family.

I really love my step-father, he taught me a lot, the importance of family and about the world.


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