I remember that day like it was yesterday. The day that made me want to crumble with fear and sadness when I finally realised that my future was no more. I stood there with other thousands of girls that were scared like myself. We stood in groups like a herd of terrified, helpless lambs. Some cried for their families, some begged to be killed on the spot, some begged to be set free.

I just stood there looking intensely at my mother as if my eyes were pores that tried to absorb every feature on her face, her delicate yet strong body, and every line on her dull yet beautiful face. Glassy brown eyes looked at me with so much sadness yet somehow compelled me to stay strong. Looking at those brown eyes, I knew that nothing could break me because of the love I felt. I wished that I could just stare at them until the end of time, because they gave me solace in ways that I failed to fathom. I was in a middle of a gruesome situation but her eyes were like a tranquilizer that grasped my pain away.

I did not cry when they took her away from me. I just stood there. Gazing. I did not even say goodbye.

That’s when I realised that living in a vampire dominated world was no child’s play. They ruled and controlled every human being that walked on Earth, whether you were just a baby, a toddler, a teenager full of dreams and aspirations or a grandparent that sought nothing but peace in your last days on Earth. They did not care. To them, humans were nothing but pets.

This huge vampire kingdom was ruled by one of the most ruthless, merciless, disgusting, evil King Demetri. Killing thousands of people in a day did not make him flinch. Snapping a baby’s neck without giving it a second thought was like second nature to him. For a second I even wondered whether such words like guilt, empathy, love existed in his vocabulary. I have never been to hell but I was hundred percent convinced that, that piece of nothing was worse than all the demons and the dark creatures combined.

Just thinking of him made me tremble with fear and pure hatred. I was so restless. What surprised me though was that there were people who would have given anything in the world to gain his affection. Were they that naïve or just plain foolish? I sighed, giving up on finding the answer to that question.

Anxiety was all that my little body could feel at that moment. I was eighteen and an adult. Yes, I know that you are probably wondering why I wasn’t happy about it; I mean eighteen meant freedom right. It meant I was now at liberty to do whatever that I wanted, whenever I wanted to. It simply meant independence. But under the vampire kingdom, there was nothing like that. In fact it was the complete opposite.

Upon turning eighteen, every human girl was supposed to attend this annual ceremony where 100 pure human girls were chosen and sacrificed. And don’t even think that those who were found not pure had it easy, no, not at all. They were killed for losing their virginity at a young age. Talk about a psychopathic behavior at its best. I sighed again, this time losing all hope, after I realised that because of my pureness I stood a chance to be chosen. That thought only made me shudder with poor terror.

“Alright everyone, is time to leave. The ceremony is in two days. Believe me girls, you truly don’t want to mess with me or my orders or you will immensely regret it. Now everyone, get in the buses so that we can take you to the castle.” The old pale looking woman said with her voice holding so much authority but to my surprise, I was not even frightened by it, even for a split second.

For some reasons, I felt like I was being watched by someone. That brought nothing but an uneasy sensation in my stomach as I tried to ignore the feeling. “These leeches need to give me a break, I am in no mood to entertain their crap,” I silently murmured to myself walking to a bus nearby. Until I was pulled by someone with so much force that I almost tripped.

“What the hell?” I half screamed at the vampire. I quickly face-palmed myself mentally as I realised that I have brought unnecessary attention to myself.

Great, I sighed mentally.

“I must say young lady, you have really stolen my interest and I am now forever intrigued by you.”

“Yeah so?”

He looked taken aback by my response. “So? Did I just hear you responding me with such disrespect?”

“I am sorry sir. Were you perhaps expecting me to throw a massive celebration party just because you find someone out of your league and not your age intri…”

I did not even finish my sentence as an iron-like fist collided with my jaw and for a second I could have sworn that it got dislocated. I mentally cursed my big mouth and short tempered personality. He sure had a bipolar condition. It was crystal clear that I was going to get myself killed before that whole sacrifice thing happened.

I couldn’t help but notice how most girls were murmuring and gasping as if I had done the most outrageous thing in the world. I rolled my eyes and huffed. Talk about dramatic.

“Listen here young lady, you will not disrespect the king. I will not tolerate it, understand?” the old lady intervened.

“Wait, so you will tolerate him when he annoys me? You are such a joke!”

Oh no, what have I done? I mentally shook with fear. But I knew that if I was going to die, I sure as hell wanted to die with dignity. The lady was beyond angry though, I could see it through her blazing eyes. Poor thing.

“It’s OK Adelaide, leave her to me. I will definitely teach her her place and use her as an example of what I do to disrespectful children like herself. EVERYONE! TOMORROW I AM GETTING MARRIED TO THIS YOUNG, WONDERFUL LADY BY MY SIDE. SHE IS THE ONE WHO IS GOING TO CHOOSE GIRLS TO BE SACRIFICED.” The devil announced with a twinkle in his eyes. It was so clear that he was enjoying this. I heard gasps and stifled half screams as I tried to register what just happened.

Without even realising it, tears brimmed my eyes, then poured down my face. I was crying.

“Look sir, I really apologise for my poor behavior and disrespect. Please sir, reconsider your decision. Kill me instead sir, I beg you.” A strange emotion lingered in his beautiful eyes for a second but he quickly wiped it away only to be left with a cold face. I was forcefully taken to the castle.

After some hours of unsuccessful begging and crying, I was placed in room for the wedding preparations. Two maids fixed my hair, manicure and pedicure. One of them even tried shaving me, but changed her mind upon seeing my horrified face. I was left to do the rest of the cleaning myself and bathing. My lips curved with delight as I came across my escape key. Two sharp razor blades were left on the sink for me to shave with and I silently snug them under my pillow. I did not even bother bathing, I just went straight to bed and hoped that my escape plan will work.

A few hours later. Serenity.

It was all that I could feel. As I looked at my blood socked sheets, I smiled with delight. I did it.


“Lady! What the hell happened here? Someone come, call a doctor!” a young man ran towards my lifeless body with great shock on his face.

His eyes held so much pain, it almost pained me. I did not understand why he was hurt. He put his pale fingers on my lifeless body, searching for a pulse with so much hope in his eyes, only to shutter in tears after realising that I am no more.

“I did not even catch your name my beloved one. I did not even get to hold your delicate body in my arms. I did not even tell you how much I love you. I did not protect you from myself.”

I looked down at the poor man who was more pained than anything else. He slowly leaned to my ears and whispered, “From now on, I am going to be a different man, so that I could win your heart wherever you are. I love you.” He placed a soft kiss on my forehead and left.

And that’s how humankind was spared from vampire pain.