You’ve turned my heart into rock. The more it melts is the more pain there is and the more breathe it takes. You were my everything, still are and forever will but a broken heart cannot love in wholesome.

You pricked the flower that bears fruit in your very own garden, ripped off the very roots watered by tears to grow, to grow you. How steady you were not! You had the sun in the day and moon in the night, love hymns side by side just to give you light.

Quite the entourage, quite the trick just to give you everything, but instead – nothing, nothing back to give, nothing to hide, nothing until the river runs dry.

Broken, helplessly broken as the wind changes direction, the lights went out and the doors to my heart have been shattered! Nothing, not a word, not a soul, just standing there, breaking down into hopeless pieces until the last tears of life fill my eyes, the very nature of love, blindness. Not a word, not a soul, just standing there all alone with nothing to hold, nothing to be, nothing to try because you were never mine. Not a smile, not even a goodbye – nothing – until the river runs dry!


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