Africa, the birthplace of greed and necessity. It is signified as the habitant of black people of African ancestry. The congested races of the diverse continent in Africa live in hardship that contributes to their standard of living. Through all that, we celebrate our humanity, Ubuntu, and our saying is: Umntu ngumtu ngabantu – I am because we are.

The word ‘humanity’ is sometimes used as manipulation of a wrecked nation to keep the voting masses that support a glorified political party. The billion-dollar question is: are we united with Ubuntu? This report will consistently discuss the inadequate effort to maintain the relationship of black African people.

Jealousy is our first name, and hatred is our last name. The black African race lacks a bonding relationship that our forefathers shared. That made them conquer the universe and bring along freedom within our resourceful lands. But now, we shame our ancestors. This has nothing to do with white colonisation, white revolution, white race or white Apartheid.

Done and dusted are the old days that brought along pain. We are left with only memories that manipulate our minds to fight with our brothers and sisters, to kill our flesh and blood. Today, we’re cursed with xenophobia. It has nothing to do with racism, this is a war between a black person and his fellow black brothers. It’s stupidity on another level, a disgrace for our elders who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Jan Van Potgieter (2019), stated, “What we, as Africans, don’t realise is that white privilege will always be there, white people had a head start in life. No African country in the world can provoke white privilege and be left to prosper. For example, Gadaffi tried, he got killed. Mandela tried, he got bribed. Robert Mugabe tried, his country got starved. To be honest, the only way to make them suffer is for Africans to unite, for black Africans to unite.”

The major problem about black Africans, especially in South Africa, is that black Africans do not support each other. They tend to buy from white retailers instead of black traders because they think their brands are not of good quality. This strategy has been noticed by western countries and they are using it against black Africans. It creates wealth for their race and they work together and prosper.

White people are united, the Chinese are united, Nigerians are united, Somalians are united, Indians are united, however, black Africans are full of greed and stupidity! We will never prosper with such stupidity.

Being united, one flesh, one nation, one love, that’s the strategy we lack. We make this possible and economic transformation will eventually ascend to create opportunities for black Africans.

In addition, Kenneth Ndlovu and Sabelo Mkize (2019), stated: “The reason why we lack adequate transformation of economic development, is that black Africans focus on their own will. They want to shine alone and progress without their fellow black Africans, therefore, this leads to slow growth of the black African population.”

This report has nothing to do with racism. Black Africans unite, then we shall be free from torture. One’s success is not enough, the majority should prosper, black Africans unite, black Africans unite, black Africans unite. I repeat, black Africans unite.


Tell us: Do you agree with the author, that black Africans have to unite in order to prosper?