I’ll never forgive myself for letting Andy fall for me while I knew very well I’m not cut out for this dating thing, let alone marriage. I knew that someday his heart would be broken into hundreds of pieces; I knew that I wasn’t the good one for him. Yes, it seemed good and all, but somehow I was just not the one.

I feel bad for leading him on for so long that he even thought of engagement. I mean, Andy is way too sweet to have been stuck with this sour soul of mine for that long. Casey, Andy’s daughter, is even sweeter; I wouldn’t want my bitter heart to ruin the lovely heart she has. From the green light, Andy and I connected. I remember the first day I met him at Maenhk Park:
“A penny for your thoughts?” he had said, wearing a pink, girly scarf.

“You are brave.”

“My daughter’s a bully.”

“Tips for dealing with a bully?”

“I would love some.”

We had both laughed; I loved how he looked in my eyes. It was like he saw right through me, like he was reading my thoughts. It made me feel like he could understand me better than anyone else.

I lost both my parents when I was only 5 years old. From there, I have forever been on my own. I’m so used to being with myself in such a way that I would never last an hour in a newsroom, but it was so different with Andy. He understood me way better than I understand myself, but i have set him free all over again. I’m all alone in the dark with nobody to hold my hand.

I’ll forever be proud of myself for letting Andy out of this sour life of mine.


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