I want to become better, I want to be the best yet I don’t know how. I don’t even know where to begin, it gets tricky as time goes on. I see myself failing and not getting better. But I keep on trying harder and it’s working, but my whole motive is to see myself getting better. I want to look at myself differently to what I was yesterday and be a renewed person today.

Before I got to be the best person that I see myself as today, I used to be a wreck. I used to go through a lot and used to focus on what was happening, the challenges that I came across. It affected me to an extent where the worrying and stress created more problems.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t care. I care, and I noticed that it was my own fault after all. Questions of why I wasn’t fully myself were a question mark on their own. And as time went on, time changed me, I changed and I became better. I picked myself up again, dusted myself off, and everything I’d lost I insisted on regaining it brand new. I discovered myself fully again.

I never stop reminding myself that we go through life, we face it, sometimes it drains us and sometimes we lose ourselves. But it’s in our power to dust ourselves off. Insist on fixing yourself and rebuilding yourself again. It’s never too late. We go through life but it’s in our power to become the best we can be.

My secret was just to work hard. I work hard to become the best and I have fixed what was bothering me. What has always bothered you, did you try fixing it? Were you able to overcome what was bothering you?

You could do better in your career. It’s never too late to overcome your challenges, all you have to do is work hard and tell yourself you’re going to do it, even if it means trying harder every day. Tell yourself, “I’m going to work hard, and I’ll do it till I become the better version of myself.”


Tell us: What do wish to change about your life and how are you planning to achieve that goal?