It was just after the death of heroes who fought for our freedom in South Africa, a place that took many lives of the beloved combatants because they were not free. After the long struggle, my late Black-African-Queen had me in May 16th, 1993.

Six years later, after my birth, she disappeared. My grandmother told me to accept that she will never come back. The old granny who carried me since then also left me in 2004 to go and rest in peace. She didn’t even tell me what was eating her and the sad thing is, she was like a friend to me.

We lived in North West, Potchefstroom in Ikageng, it was a home for the entire family till now. My family members faced many difficulties including me and some rested with them while others are still living with them. I was too young and I could see everything in the future that would go wrong and had no power to control it, only one man could, God. I cried inside and tried to hold my tears. I tried so hard to think positively but everything was going wrong. I foresaw blood and the slaughtering of innocent animals for my siblings and this young man was too afraid to tell the family because they would think that I am a prophet, though I was trying to help.

As my family died consecutively, it was miserable and painful to the left ones. Death encouraged all the beloved ones in my family to follow the evil spirit that took all the dreams, happiness and joy and only left me with pain, sadness and all that could lead me to the bad side. I was fortunate and strong enough to fight against enemies and everything that was going wrong. And though I’m still facing many difficulties, I’m praying to God every day to help me overcome them.

Even though I was forlorn by my mama, I didn’t forfeit my boring-life as I had dreams and plans for it. I still want to achieve my objectives and serve the community with all that I can and try all my best to help them achieve theirs. Nowadays, the whole nation is out of line, the economy is completely stagnant. People who are trying to serve the country get fired for no valid reason. But those who are not willing to serve the country, those with no honor, humor or shame are employed. And what would you do as the poor to deal with these refractive leaders who are leading us with unqualified characteristics and rapaciousness at the same time?

I’m highly concerned about the actions and behavior of the SAPS in general. Criminals in and outside our country are working with the police, which results in higher rates of crime, murders, rapes, kidnappings, suicides and the prevention of these are 90% unrestraint according to my point of view. Bribery in this country is a first priority in some individuals working for government, which is why South Africa is considered to have higher rate of crime and unemployment. Inequality discredited many residents and have lost hope in getting job opportunities and the majority suffers badly. There seems to be no solution to today’s problems that they’re facing.

Years to come, these problems might be worse if there’s no smart-solution for them. Working together with trust and support from the government can sustain many lives and could improve the standard of living in most areas around South Africa. Poverty will never come to an end but it fluctuates each year like prices. In this case the government gives a little from its budget to feed the society and prevent it from getting worse or to protect the economy not to consider higher rates of poverty as the recession seems to takeover.

Due to lack of improving the standard of living of the majority and creating job opportunities for them, many people can’t afford to buy technological appliances like stoves for cooking, heaters to warm themselves during winter. So they use coal or dry stems to cook, boil water and as the heater also. This affects the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere and results to an increase of global warming which the state has less control over. In the long run, we could face difficult problems on earth and in years to come I’m afraid some of these problems will be solved.

This is reality and the truth. I told you about my life and some of the things that happen on earth. It is God’s purpose to direct us in different ways and control everything on earth timely and seasonally. He doesn’t force to do everything at the same time and tries to impress everyone outside. He has no competition and nobody to compete with Him, like we human beings do. I hope the next generation gets a better life and provides the world adequately so that the next of the next generation gets a better life too. Let’s continuously support each other and together, we shall achieve more.