I believe I can get what I want. If I set my mind and heart to it and keep my concentration and focus, then I shall achieve it. I believe that anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it. And with hard work I believe you shall obtain it.

I’ve always been an ambitious, career driven girl. Since childhood I always knew what I wanted. What really pushed me was my passion to help other people. It’s my dream. I got challenges academically. I can’t lie and say that it was easy, it wasn’t, but through hard work, it became easier.

At school, my teachers believed in me, my family did too and God helped me every step of the way. As I grew older, I believed that with working hard and focusing I could reach whatever I wanted to.

I encouraged myself, told myself that I shall make it. I never thought I would make it, but nothing encouraged me more than my dreams and my vision, so I focused a lot and pushed.

I believe in myself, I know myself and I work hard. I do well and give it my best and do it with love. There were times where I would think about my mistakes, that I wouldn’t reach my destiny. But I knew that believing in myself is very important.

Today I still know that I’m supposed to work hard and believe in myself so I can reach my destiny. All I do is push and push and set the aim higher.

What about you? Do you also push yourself no matter what? Do you learn from your mistakes or do you give up? Do you believe in yourself? How do you encourage yourself and what keeps you going?

I hope you can learn from my challenge and how I keep going. I simply believe in myself.


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