It’s been years now, living in this place and yet no changes arise. It’s a well structured neighborhood, but the people here aren’t so well structured. My little sister and I are the intellectuals in the hood. We win prizes and come home with trophies. You’d expect support and think people in your community to be proud of you, but no that’s just a wish.
My community is filled with jealousy and pettiness. People hang around the corner house where they get drunk all day and gossip. I would love to live in a community where people look out for one another and protect each other from harm. It’s ironic how they see people visiting, but don’t see criminals entering the yard.

It was two years after mom’s death when our house was robbed and no one in the community had any idea what had happened. Rumours went about saying that the boy in our street had broken in with his friends. Now since it was daylight, how come the community didn’t see anything? How supportive are they!

People in my community don’t like us. They say we think we’re better than them. The lady who always brings us news is a wolf in sheep’s clothing if you ask me. No matter how generous we are, their attitude towards us doesn’t change. I wonder whether they have any morals, any dignity and integrity? Are we really going to perish together as fools instead of living together in harmony? Where is the humanity?

My community really is brainwashed. They seem to think alike and it’s demoralising. How do you live with the same people for the longest period of time and still treat them like this? I still believe my sister is the cause of this. She acts all wealthy and better. She’s on a high horse. She refuses to help our neighbours out with anything no matter how little. Mommy and granny got along with most people and we were able to be sympathetic and empathetic towards each other but now…

People look at you job hunting, hustling and trying to make a better life for yourself, but they aren’t happy with it. They celebrate my downfalls, laugh at my losses and get upset when I prosper just a little. They ask:”Where are you going? Otsenaskolo?” Even when they know you’re just hustling. They want to know your plans so that you won’t accomplish them. I seldom think that things would change for the better because they always change for the worse.

I wish to be an inspiration, a motivation for all the girls in my community, but people just don’t want any good. So they break in our home, steal our furniture and our schoolbooks and trophies. Wow! They must be very proud of themselves! I’ve always made a choice to raise my voice and known that not everyone will approve, but never expected that everyone would disapprove. It used to be fun. Before I’d help other kids with their schoolwork and we’d play from sunrise to sunset. Those were the golden days. One grows up and the world changes. We used to leave the house key by neighbours but now…that would be suicide.
My niece plays with the other kids in the neighbourhood and I get a thought that things are improving but not in a million years.

How I would like my community to be joyful, filled with love and happiness. We should stand up for one another. Furthermore, we should celebrate each other’s success and glory. Let glory to one, be glory to all. People should know not to mess with this neighborhood, just one big happy family. Even though we’ll seldom disagree, we’d sort it out and move along.

In conclusion, I would like to advise you all to treat each other with respect and honour in your community. An injury to one is an injury to all.