I am Sindisa Qeqe, a young empowered growing lady from a small town called De Aar in the Northern Cape. I was born in 1995 August 30 and raised by a single parent, Nokuzola Qeqe. We are a disadvantaged family of three and blessed with a stepfather. I am a single mother of a 3-year-old girl, Linamandla Qeqe, who was born in 2015 April 04.

I finished my matric in 2013, doing Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Computer and Mathematics as my subjects. I fell pregnant right after losing my womanhood in 2014, then raised the child under the help of my parents while I longed for furthering my studies. I was raped by the father of my own child who refused to hear me saying no to have sex with him.

Yes, he is the father of my child but I was not dating him at that time. As I said no to him, he started beating me up, insulting me. He ended up putting a bottle of Brutal Fruit in my private parts and then I gave up on my life. Daylight, I managed to run away naked to our house, with everyone watching my tiny body which I respect so much.

My mom woke up from a coma as she heard what happened with me. I chose to be a survivor. I did not drink alcohol. I did not think of killing myself but I gave myself a drive of not giving up. Here I am today, studying Business Management at West Coast College. I am a born again Christian who was loved by God through it all.

I am the founder of an organisation called Sisterhood Heroines because I realised my passion and the person I am. Behind my glory there is a story. My mission is to build strong, brave, courageous and up growing survivors who will stand being independent.

After darkness comes light. Everything happens for a reason. I made it and pulled through, so why couldn’t I help the next person through the tunnel I went through. I sure can and I will. I have to build more woman like me, woman who can stand up and fight against woman and man abuse. I have to root in the mentality of independence as too much of our sisters lost their lives because they lack knowledge of how much independence can groom a person. Young women out there have given up on their lives, so much that the trending blessers are taking over their lives to the extent of them staying in relationships because of being afraid of what they will lose!

To abuse, you don’t have to beat me up but emotionally you are killing an inner soul which makes a person grow bitterness and hatred against the world and greatness of life. Example: our parents tend to be drunkards and start fight at home, almost every day. And we choose to seek love at wrong places because of the lacking elements at home.

“A sister is not only the sister back at home, but the woman walking on the street is also a sister.”