Just because people don’t appreciate everything that you do in your life, that does not mean that your life is nothing or useless. That does not mean that you have to feel or see yourself as not being important. Your happiness does not depend on their shoulders. They are not your life support and you don’t have to depend on any sort of appreciation from other people for you to see that you are doing great in your life.

Just know that God is always there for you all the times. He is the one who appreciates your life or good deeds. God always feels happy with your success. He is even the road to your success; the major key to your happiness. Remember, God appreciates you by giving you more blessings and more years to live here on earth. Again, know that there are other people who don’t appreciate the achievements of other people because their lives are covered with hate and jealousy. They are the type of people who just don’t want to see other people progressing in life. All in all, just focus on your dreams, work hard towards them and lastly, learn to be yourself for you are special.