She had a real scream of a time at the concert. After hours she went ahead with her friends to the neighbourhood party: her mother did not like her coming home late but she reassured her that everything was fine, that she would be home before she even knew. However, by fawning and flattery, her mother couldn’t resist letting her be.

There and then their arrival was immense and everyone else did what she or he desired. At some time she called out to her friends while she was heading to the toilet, but her friends were too intoxicated, they could hardly hear, so she went on her own.

Right at the chimney corner, there was man with an unrecognised face. She was terrified by the man so she slipped on the ground. The man bent down and picked her up and dragged her farther away as he quickly taped her mouth and tied down both her legs. She tried putting up a fight but she was struck with a hardened stick on her forehead and went unconscious. Meanwhile her friends were still dancing, not aware of anything, free of care, while she was in the middle of nowhere taped and tied. 72 hours later she was considered missing.


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