I’m romantically inside her, swimming in her blood and kissing every corner of her heart. But my major encounter is that she’s too blind to notice, too deaf to listen to my heart and everything that it says.

I hate to say this but sometimes when I bump into her my words escape my voice-box and leave me with nothing to utter. And every time I catch a glimpse of her dazzling eyes, my world stops for a minute and everything is put on hold as if she’s the sole lady on earth.

Why can’t she just pay attention to every little effort I make?

Those scanty conversations we often have matter to me. Or maybe attention costs her an arm and a leg and she can’t afford to lose her last cent on me. If only she knew that a day never goes to sleep without me whispering the melodies of her name. Sometimes I hit the sheets with a broken heart, dying to see her. Sometimes her angelic voice sneaks into my dreams and beautifies every single moment of them.

I just have to remain positive, hoping that one day she sees my efforts. I must believe that every cloud has a silver lining.


Tell us: Have you ever been in love with someone who didn’t notice you? How did you handle it?